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Delivery Options
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Experience hassle-free heating oil or propane delivery with Automatic Delivery. When you sign-up for Automatic Delivery, you will never have to worry about the level of your tank(s). We’ll automatically schedule your delivery to ensure you never run out.  

Will Call 

​Want more control over your deliveries?  Call when you need it.  Reminder:  Oil and K1 deliveries must be a minimum of 100 gallons and Propane must take at least half the capacity of the tank.

Fuel Assistance

We accept Fuel Assistance!  Visit Maine State Housing for more information.


New Oil Customers

New oil customers must be home for the first delivery so we can perform a tank inspection to make sure the tank is safe for delivery. 

New Propane Customers

New propane customers who own their tank(s) will need to provide a proof of purchase prior to delivery.  If you would like C.B. Haskell to install tank(s) for propane delivery, please call the office to schedule an appointment. 

Please note: During the winter, we require a clear path to the fill pipe/propane tank(s). If the delivery cannot be made due to snow or icy driveways, we will reschedule. 

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