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Heating Oil

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C.B. Haskell Fuel is an experienced, knowledgeable provider of #2 home heating oil and K-1 Kerosene. Whatever your home heating fuel needs, you can depend on us to get you the fuel you need, when you need it at competitive prices.

Need less than our minimum delivery?

We have #2 Fuel, K-1, and Off-Road diesel pumps at our office for your convenience.


#2 Fuel or K-1, which should I order?

#2 Fuel (Home Heating Oil)
#2 Fuel is the most common oil-based heating product in Maine and is typically used in an inside tank, protecting it from freezing temperatures.  #2 Fuel will congeal during extremely cold temperatures and is not recommend for outside tanks. 

K-1 Kerosene
K-1 Kerosene is primarily used in an outside tank since it will not gel in freezing temperatures. It is also necessary to use Kerosene with "Monitor" heaters such as Toyotomi.  

How Much is in My Oil Tank?
See the chart below to help determine how much oil you have in your tank and how much it will take to fill it.
*100 Gallon Minimum
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