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Propane is a safe, reliable option that can be used to heat your home; provide hot water; warm your living space; cook meals; or power pool heaters, clothes dryers, and generators.

Households throughout the area enjoy the benefits of propane from C.B. Haskell Fuel, and with automatic propane delivery, you don’t have to worry about running out!

Current customers can request delivery of propane through the link below.



Are You Out of Propane?

If you run out of propane for any reason a leak test MUST be performed on your system before turning the tank(s) back on.

There is a $50.00 fee for this test. Additional charges may apply if you are not home at the time of delivery and a technician needs to return. This test is mandatory per the National Fuel Gas Code to determine if there is a leak. There are NO exceptions to this rule. If you are not home, or we do not have access to your home, the tank(s) will be shut off until a leak test is performed. 

If you wish to avoid this fee, please call to order propane when the gauge on the tank reads 30%, or sign up for automatic delivery for worry-free service.

Check out the helpful information below to know how much propane is in your tank.
Gauge Reads
50 Gal. Tank
100 Gal. Tank
250 Gal. Tank
500 Gal. Tank
1000 Gal. Tank
50 Gallons
96 Gallons
200 Gallons
400 Gallons
800 Gallons
44 Gallons
84 Gallons
175 Gallons
350 Gallons
700 Gallons
38 Gallons
72 Gallons
150 Gallons
300 Gallons
600 Gallons
31 Gallons
60 Gallons
125 Gallons
250 Gallons
500 Gallons
25 Gallons
48 Gallons
100 Gallons
200 Gallons
400 Gallons
19 Gallons
36 Gallons
75 Gallons
150 Gallons
300 Gallons
12.5 Gallons
24 Gallons
50 Gallons
100 Gallons
200 Gallons
6 Gallons
12 Gallons
25 Gallons
50 Gallons
100 Gallons

What to do if You Suspect a Propane Leak

If you suspect there is a propane leak in or around your home, please follow these steps:

  • Put out all smoking materials and other open flames.

  • DO NOT operate a light switch, telephone, cigarette lighter, appliance or thermostat.e phone.

  • Leave the area immediately!

  • If you can safely reach the tank, shut off the propane.

  • Call 911, or the fire department and C.B. Haskell Fuel.  We will send a licensed propane technician to inspect for leaks.

  • Do not re-enter your home until our technician or the fire department has told you it is safe to do so.

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