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Payment Options

C.B. Haskell Fuel offers several payment options and pricing programs to fit your needs. 

Pay as You Go

Payment is made with each fuel delivery. Credit approved customers will receive the cash discounted price if paid within 10 days.

Automatic Payment

Automatic delivery customers enjoy seamless fuel or propane deliveries and payments. Each delivery amount is automatically charged to the debit or credit card on file.

For customers who prefer to call for their deliveries, keeping a debit or credit card on file means not having to remember to leave cash or a check for the driver.

Pre-Buy Program

Protect yourself against winter heating oil price spikes with our Pre-Buy Program.

How It Works:

  • Purchase 400+ gallons of #2 heating oil before the heating season starts at a locked-in price.

  • Receive automatic fuel deliveries throughout the winter, beginning in September.

  • Once your pre-buy gallons have been used you have the option to stop automatic deliveries. 

Please be aware that our Pre-Buy Program is only available while our supply lasts.  While we guarantee the locked-in price for the amount of gallons purchased regardless of how high oil prices rise, we cannot offer any refunds if the price drops. 

Budget Plan

Our budget plan is designed to spread out your fuel payments over many months, eliminating spikes in your heating bills during the winter and is available for all fuel types.

How the Budget Plan Works:

  • This is a 10-month payment plan which starts in July and is used for deliveries after October 1st.

  • To determine your monthly payment, we will calculate the amount of your average consumption, multiply it by an estimated average price per gallon and divide it by 10.

  • Automatic deliveries begin in October and continue through April. 

  • Accounts must carry a credit balance, if not, we may adjust your payment and/or discontinue deliveries.

  • The Budget Plan is not a fixed price; price per gallon will be billed out at the cash price.

  • Payments are due the 15th of each month.

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